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William Taylor saw a change for the better in the Donbass at Zelensky


In the Donbass when President Vladimir Zelensky has been a change for the better. Reports replyua.net such point of view in an interview with “European truth” sounded the charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor. So, the journalists decided to ask the diplomat, he notes whether some changes in the Donbass after Zelensky took the position of President. “Yes, Yes! I already see changes! And they are positive,” – said the Ambassador.

My point of view, Taylor argued that the command of the head of state managed to maintain the truce, despite the loss of Ukrainian soldiers. “I see that Zelensky is trying to save it, despite an attack last week that killed four Marines. After all, this attack could be the end of the truce, but Zelensky believes that it is necessary to keep it further,” Taylor said.

He further explained that the President’s team managed to change the point of view of the inhabitants of the temporarily uncontrolled territories. This fact Taylor noticed during a visit of border crossing points in the Crimea and Luhansk region.


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