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While fighting a forest fire helicopter


While fighting a forest fire in New Zealand suffered a crash in the helicopter fire. The helicopter pilot managed to leave the aircraft. It is reported by several local media reports replyua.net.

In turn, the rescue service of New Zealand journalists were told that this emergency happened in the area of pigeon valley in the South island of the country. “At the time of the crash, which occurred for an undetermined reason, a fire truck carried the water for relief on large-scale forest fire. In the cockpit was the only pilot who managed to leave the ship after the crash on their own, at the moment he is undergoing a medical examination, to his life threatens nothing”, – said Roger ball, service Manager.

In accordance with the data rescue, all air special equipment were involved in extinguishing the fire, was completely stopped after the helicopter crash. Currently at the scene working professionals all necessary services. They are reviewing the wreckage of the helicopter, as well as clarifying the reasons why was his downfall.


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