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Washington has urged NATO allies to “more tight” position in relation to the “Nord stream – 2”


Us Vice President Michael Pence turned to NATO allies for tougher stance with regards to the Russian-sponsored gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2”, reports replyua.net. “The United States presented a United front against attempts to split our Alliance by maintaining a specific energy policy. We have a strict position is the position in relation to the “Nord stream-2″ and will recommend others to do the same” – he said Saturday in a speech at the Munich conference on security issues.

Pence also said that the US “will not just look at how our allies buying arms from our enemies.” “We can’t guarantee peace in the West, if our allies depend on the East”, – said Vice-President of the United States.

Recently, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament could reach agreement on amendments to the Gas Directive of the EU. 8 Feb German and French media reported that the dispute on the “Nord stream – 2”. Germany and France produced a compromise version of the amendments to the Gas Directive, allowing them to approve, but Berlin will be ample opportunities for the realization of the project “Northern stream – 2”.


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