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USA took a step toward China for the sake of reconciliation in the trade war: Donald trump announced the lifting of sanctions against Huawei


Donald trump said, commenting on the results of the summit of the countries “Big twenty” about the readiness to lift sanctions against the Chinese company China. The US President stressed that he has promised XI Jinping in a face to face meeting on the sidelines of the summit, reports replyua.net with reference to Deutsche Welle.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that Donald trump and XI Jinping agreed during the meeting on the sidelines of the summit of “Big twenty” to continue negotiations aimed at ending economic confrontation and negotiation of trade agreements. Apparently, the country is keen on finding a compromise.

One of the indirect evidence of this are the words of Donald trump, announced its readiness to withdraw from under the us sanctions on the Chinese company Huawei. The US President noted that he had already promised it to XI Jinping during a personal meeting. Trump explained that he agreed to resume sales in the United States technology products for this manufacturer. In addition, the President stressed that the sanctions imposed against Huawei, were unhappy, and many us firms involved in the supply of components for this Chinese company. See also: United States allow for the possibility of granting Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc – the diplomat.


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