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USA spoke at the UN to support Ukraine: “We want only the complete restoration of territorial integrity”


On an official resource of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has published information about how the acting US Ambassador to the UN Jonathan Cohen during his speech at the UNGA said that the termination of Russia’s attempts to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country will be the only valid solution for the global community, as reported by correspondents replyua.net.

In particular, Cohen once again reminded the international community about the occurrence of Russian mercenaries on Debaltseve, and constant violation by Russia of the agreements reached by the parties in Minsk. “The Kremlin continues to aggravate the situation in Ukraine, trying to subdue the country of Russian Federation”, – said the representative of the United States in the UN.

In addition, he added that the US will never agree with anything less than full de-occupation and restoration of territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state. He stressed that Washington’s sanctions will be in force until such time as the aggressor does not fulfill the Minsk agreements in full.


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