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Us General: Odessa could be next victim of Putin


As of today, Russia does the most aggression in the Black sea, and if the Kremlin does not stop, then the next occupied can be Odessa or even Romania. Reports replyua.net such point of view was voiced by the former commander of US ground forces in Europe Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, reports the Czech edition ńĆeske Noviny.

According to him, the lack of activity of the allies in Europe provokes Russia to aggression, and Moscow will not miss the opportunity to use any “cracks” in the Alliance. In this regard, the General believes that it is necessary to increase the capabilities of NATO in the black sea region, where a very big threat.

“In this area, Russia provides the largest and most powerful aggression. If the West has nothing to do with the annexation of the Crimea, it is possible that Odessa will be the next city to be occupied, and perhaps also Romania,” – said Hodges. Earlier, the special envoy of the state Department in Ukraine said that Russia wants to find a new reason for aggression in Ukraine.


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