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Updated “Abrams” was named the best tank in the world


In the United States demonstrated М1А2С. These numbers and letters is hiding an updated version of the tank “Abrams”, which is already being called the best in the world, according replyua.net.

Updated modification of the tank “Abrams” showed in the United States. The new product was given the index М1А2С. The tank was improved armor, both active and passive. Thanks to the modernization of the combat machine has become even more secure from weapons of potential adversaries. It is expected that scoreninja will be launched into mass production.

On pictures upgraded “Abrams” is clearly visible Trophy – effective active protection system. In addition, the front part of the tower is reinforced with an additional layer of armor. It greatly increases survivability in combat. The novelty is already being called the best tank in the world. Such updated “Abrams” consider, in particular, and due to the presence of radar, enabling to detect incoming anti-tank missiles and shells. Moreover – this is only part of the defensive complex. After the radar detects a threat, the system destroys the ammunition by shooting small projectiles. Such protection will be equipped with previous modifications to the Abrams.


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