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Turkey is not going to abandon the purchase of Russian s-400


In the U.S. claim that the purchase by Turkey of the Russian complexes With-400 jeopardizes the security of the allies in NATO. In turn, Ankara, despite pressure from Washington, is not going to abandon the deal, according to replyua.net.

The United States has repeatedly warned Turkey against buying Russian s-400. According to Washington, this is a real threat to allies in NATO. Instead of Russian air defense system the US is offering the Turkish government a system of “Patriot”. In addition, the United States and resorted to the pressure on Ankara, threatening to block Turkey’s F-35 fighter, and disconnect the country from the supply system.

The concerns of Washington are quite clear. After the purchase of s-400 means that in Turkey there will arrive the Russian military, since the local frames someone needs to teach how to use anti-aircraft missiles. Ankara has already stated that it will not curtail a deal with Russia. However, Turkey is also interested in buying the American system “Patriot”. According to analysts, Ankara can indeed buy both the Russian and the American systems. While s-400 to Turkey will not deploy and leave them in canned form. Earlier, NATO estimated the cost of member countries of the Alliance on defense.


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