Home World Turkey is building a naval base on the Black sea

Turkey is building a naval base on the Black sea


Turkey started the construction of a naval base off the coast of the Black sea due to the Russian aggression in the Kerch Strait, and also the reason for the deployment of such action was the opening of the pipeline “Turkish stream”, reports replyua.net citing “New time”.

But it is worth noting that the creation of such a database was in the days of the cold war, and the development of the project began in July last year. “Base, whose ships will patrol the Eastern part of the Black sea, will give an impetus to the development of the entire North-Eastern Turkey,” said Turkish authorities.

Earlier it was reported that Gazoprovod “Turkish stream” can be laid through the territory of Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia. It is noted that these facts indicate the materials of the gas transportation operators of these States in the boundaries of a reservation of future capacity (open season). The procedure provided by law for the construction of pipelines.


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