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Trump: With Russia do not want to get along just stupid


Yesterday the US President Donald trump once again talked about how good friends with Russia and said that only stupid do not want. Reports replyua.net with reference to “Interfax-Ukraine”, he declared today in Washington.

“Germany has to pay 2% of GDP on defence expenditure within NATO, however, Berlin in practice, pays 1%… Germany pays Russia billions of dollars per month from the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. And we have to protect Germany from Russia. Germany gives money to the so-called enemy. But I do not call Russia an enemy, I want to get along with Russia and now I want to get along with China, because I’m smart. Stupid people don’t want to get along,” said the US President.

The release also notes that trump emphasizes all the time that nothing bad is to try to build good relations with Moscow and Beijing. However, he often criticized the Russian gas pipeline project “Nord stream-2”. Previously, trump and Putin in the course of an hour spoke on the phone regarding Ukraine.


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