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Trump said he called off the attack on Iran for a few minutes before a rocket salvo


Donald trump confirmed in his account in “Twitter” that he had decided to give Iran a tough response to downed military personnel of this country American drone. According to the President of the United States, it is only at the last moment canceled a missile strike because the answer would be clearly disproportionate, according to replyua.net.

The US President did not deny his intentions to give a tough response to Iran. The wrath of Donald trump caused the Iranians shot down an American drone flying over international waters. Trump said that he was set up very strongly, and was going to get revenge. As it turned out, as a tool of retribution, the President of the United States chose a missile strike.

It was planned that missiles will be destroyed 3 targets located on the territory of Iran. Trump explained on the social network that he refused at the last moment. According to the President, he asked one of the generals, how can people die as a result of this attack. After the military reported that the number of victims may amount to one hundred and fifty people, trump decided to cancel the volley, and he did it just 10 minutes before the scheduled time of launch. According to the President, such a response would be disproportionate to Iran’s actions. See also: the Us Senate has blocked all transactions for the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia – media.


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