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Trump said about the huge mistake Obama before the election


The head of the White house Donald trump believes that his predecessor, Barack Obama made a mistake, because he could not prevent Russia’s intervention in the presidential election. As reported replyua.net about this he wrote on his Twitter page and stressed that even despite the intervention, Russia was unable to influence the outcome of these elections.

“Everything that made the Russian in connection with the election of 2016, was made when Barack Obama was President. He talked about it, and he did nothing! Most importantly, it did not affect the vote,” – said the President of the United States. In addition, earlier it became known that the justice Department still published the abridged version of the report of spectracolor Robert Mueller. The report says about the possible intervention of Russia in election. Previously it was repeatedly reported that spectracolor failed to prove Russian intervention.

The report States that over the past two years, none of the researchers have not brought any fact of when the American President with Russia to win elections. However, spectracolor still managed to establish, that Russia interfered in the elections with the help of hacker attacks via social networks.


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