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Trump is a racist: the survey showed the attitude of Americans to the President


51% of Americans believe that a President Donald trump is a racist. As reported replyua.net such data in the survey received the experts of the center of public opinion Quinnipac University.

They said that more than half of respondents called the U.S. President a racist. Another 45% of respondents do not consider the White house a racist. It is noteworthy that 80% of the black population of the United States answered this question in the affirmative. Among the white population, 46% said that the head of the White house racist behavior. As for Latinos living in the United States, among them 55% of those who believe in the racist behavior of the President. It should be noted that the White house has repeatedly accused of racism.

Just a few days ago, the US President made a strong statement. He advised the most active representatives of the Democratic party to go back to the countries where they were born their parents. While concrete surnames he did not name, but later the journalists found out that it was about politicians, whose parents are immigrants from Palestine, Somalia and Puerto Rico. Trump said that these women are constantly giving advice on how to run the country.


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