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The world is on the brink of nuclear war – what can cause aggravation between India and Pakistan


Ilya Kusa, communicating with journalists’, noted that the confrontation between India and Pakistan may turn into a nuclear war. According to experts of AC “Ukrainian Institute for the future”, jeopardized the security of the entire planet, according to replyua.net.

Ilya Bites, commenting on the growing tension between India and Pakistan, noted that the escalation is indeed becoming more and more widespread. This is the most serious conflict between Delhi and Islamabad over the last 40 years. The variant with the beginning of full-scale hostilities in the present time is quite likely. But the war can start only under certain conditions.

However, other countries fear that the situation gets out of control. Do not forget that India and Pakistan have a nuclear Arsenal. Moreover, both States have not signed the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. Accordingly, it will not hurt anything to violate the terms of this document. According to experts, to solve the current problem, you must use all possible tools – primarily diplomatic. We need concrete steps to reduce the degree of tension, the negotiations with the leaders of India and Pakistan, calls for a ceasefire, and even pressure.


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