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The us Senate has blocked all of the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia – media


Members of the us Senate has blocked all transactions for the sale of lethal weapons to Saudi Arabia. As noted by the news Agency Associated Press, a total of 22 senators was made the relevant decisions, as each transaction is dealt with in a separate manner, according to the replyua.net.

The Senate has blocked the White house able to sell a major batch of lethal weapons to Saudi Arabia. In total, the legislative body of the United States adopted 22 decisions on this issue, considering each of the transactions separately. It should be noted that this vote in the Senate was against the background of growing tensions between Washington and Tehran. In addition, not less problematic and the situation along the Iran – Saudi Arabia.

Donald trump has commented on the Senate vote. According to the President, he’s going to use its veto power for each of the senators of the adopted solutions. The White house also criticized the Senate. The administration of US President stressed that the voting allies and the United States can be regarded as a refusal of Washington to support the partners in the presence of growing threats. See also: the US President has stated his desire to get out of the endless military conflicts.


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