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The US no longer consider Russia a dangerous country for tourists


The US state Department has excluded Russia from the list of countries that are not recommended for Americans. Reports replyua.net with reference to the website of the state Department, Russia transferred to the list of countries whose citizens are advised to exercise extreme caution due to the arbitrary application of local laws, persecution and terrorism.

It is noted that this is the second of the four categories of countries. In the first two categories of countries, tourists are advised to exercise the usual caution. List 4 categories are those countries that the Washington visit is not recommended. U.S. citizens who choose to visit Russia, the American authorities recommended to monitor local media and, if necessary, to adjust plans. Also Americans are advised to monitor the Department of state accounts in social networks, to register in the Smart Traveler program to assist in emergency situations.

While at the state Department stressed that American tourists are not recommended to visit the Peninsula of Crimea due to annexation and abuses by Russian authorities. Also the US state Department advises not to visit all the republics of the North Caucasus because of the threat of riots and terrorism. Recall that during the world Cup, Russia was visited by nearly 170000 Americans.


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