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The US is preparing in Venezuela “military rebellion”: details


The American authorities on a regular basis in contact with senior military personnel in Venezuela, trying to convince them to abandon support for the ousted President Nicolas Maduro. Also Washington is preparing new sanctions aimed at increasing pressure on Maduro. Reports replyua.net about it reports Reuters with reference to sources among officials of the White house.

“In the administration of tramp expects that the military will soon weaken their support for the Maduro regime. However, on the side of Guida, supported by a number of countries, including the United States, passed only a few generals,” – says the publication. Also not yet known whether the influence of the United States to provide appropriate effect.

Including, a source in Washington close to the opposition, doubted that “the trump has created a sufficient basis to stimulate the transition to the side of Guido in units where many officers are suspected of corruption and drug trafficking”.


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