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The us economy is unlikely to slide into recession this year – Yellen


According to Janet Yellen, the current year is unlikely to fear that the us economy slipping into recession. The former fed Chairman explained that the deterioration in the medial of forecast economic growth means only a slowdown, according to replyua.net.

Janet Yellen, speaking in the course organized in the Texas conference for investors, commented on the recent deterioration in the Federal reserve system of the medial Outlook for the US economy. The former fed Chairman explained that we need to look primarily at the numbers. Indeed, the updated forecast envisages that by the end of the year the GDP growth will be 2.1 percent. Accordingly, you need to talk about the slowdown but not a recession.

While Yellen noted that a slowing of US economic growth has been long in coming, so the fed is quite satisfied with the current level of interest rates. However, the regulator closely monitors the situation and, if necessary, can always move in one direction or another. The former head of the Federal reserve reiterated that she personally does not expect a relapse of the us economy into recession in the current year. According to Yellen, the chances that events will develop in such a scenario is currently quite low. We will remind, earlier it was one of the signs of an impending on the US economy recession.


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