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The United States renewed the sanctions list for Venezuela


The American authorities made the decision on expansion of the Venezuelan sanctions list. The corresponding statement was made today in the United States, according to replyua.net. In the black list Washington added another six Venezuelan citizens.

The United States increase pressure on Venezuela. One of the tools to influence the official Caracas became the sanctions imposed by the US. In Washington took the decision to expand the sanctions list. As representatives of the U.S. Treasury, there is additionally included six Venezuelan citizens. All of them are suspected by the United States in violation of the traditional norms of democracy. First of all we are talking about the infringement of human rights. However, the new defendants may be involved and to commit other abuses.

We will remind that earlier the US imposed sanctions against four Venezuelan governors. Officials accused of obstructing access to humanitarian assistance to the population of the country. In the black list of Washington then landed the leaders of the 4 regions of Venezuela, Carabobo, Vargas, Apure and Zulia. All found in American jurisdictions the assets of officials will freeze. In addition, with the disgraced governors were forbidden to enter into any transaction both individuals and legal entities.


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