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The Ukrainian aircraft “Mriya” has a serious competitor


American company Stratolaunch Systems tested dvuhfyuzelyazhny transport aircraft Stratolaunch Model 351. As reported replyua.net with reference to Naked Science, the wingspan of an American plane superior to Ukrainian An-225 “Mriya”. The tests took place on 9 January.

Transport aircraft was able to accelerate to speeds of 218 km per hour. Later, the creators of the vehicle stated that the testing was successful and already in the nearest freighter can go for your first flight. The wingspan of this plane reaches 117 meters. If the tug is commissioned, it will be the largest aircraft in history. Currently the record for wingspan is one of the American aircraft Hughes H-4 Hercules. Ukrainian “Mriya” is in second place for the wingspan.

The length of the new Transporter, represented by the US, reaches 73 meters. Maximum takeoff weight is 600 tons. It is reported that an American freighter will become a platform for air-launched rockets. In addition, according to some information, the aircraft will be used in military programs.


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