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The U.S. Navy will increase the F-35C Lightning II


Carrier trials of F-35C has completed successfully. According to their results, a positive decision regarding the adoption of the U.S. Navy of these vehicles, according to replyua.net.

In the U.S. Navy expected completion. After successful completion of tests carried out on the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” the decision on adopting the naval forces F-35C within the family Lightning II. To be more precise, the aircraft has a status of initial operational readiness. In practice, this means the more familiar post-Soviet countries are adopting. Testing showed that these aircraft are completely safe, and can be used to perform mission operations, starting from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

It should be noted that the process of this decision was delayed. It was expected that the aircraft will be adopted 5 years ago. However, this prevented problems with getting certificates for weapons. Also difficulties have arisen with the development of the necessary SOFTWARE. From other versions of the family Lightning II F-35C is wingspan – it increased by 2.4 meters. Combat radius of the fighter – 1,200 kilometers. In flight it can reach speeds up to 1.6 Mach. In total already issued 355 fighter Lightning II family.


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