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The U.S. has already prepared a new report on Russia


A new report on the likely intervention of Russia in election of the American President prepared for the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence, reports replyua.net citing The Washington Post. The material of the publication it is noted that the results of this document are based on “the expanded analysis” of millions of publications in social networks. The authors of the report stressed that Russia “used all major social media platforms to promote the election of Donald trump President of the United States”.

However, the Russian campaign also allegedly supported trump after his victory.

As previously reported, earlier, the lawyers of the White house Donald trump has announced that it has provided spectacular Robert Mueller written replies of the President to questions about Russia’s intervention in the American elections, held two years ago. Senators, the house of representatives and spectacular in 2016 conduct the investigation, which concerns the “Russian case”. All these accusations Moscow and the tramp deny.


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