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The network talked about the most unique mushrooms on the planet


The fungus called “dead man’s Fingers” is one of the most unique on the planet. Reports replyua.net if you stumble upon this mushroom in the woods, you can not seriously frightened, because even his pictures some people are creepy. The fact that these mushrooms do resemble the fingers of the dead like zombie fingers coming out of the ground.

Researchers have long noticed the similarity of this fungus with dead man’s hand. However this fungus in the forest can not meet often because it isn’t active growth. Usually the time of maturation is necessary, or at the beginning of summer, or in late autumn. However, in the autumn months the dead man’s fingers change color, wither and lose their original appearance. It grows mainly on rotten logs, but sometimes it can be seen growing on the ground.

Found this mushroom in many countries, but it poses no danger because it does not apply to poisonous. However, experts do not recommend to use it in food, because even during prolonged cooking of the pulp remains very hard. Moreover, according to their taste properties “Fingers of a dead man” is not like other mushrooms. This fungus has the scientific name Xylaria.


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