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The murder of the mayor of Gdansk: the police reported about the plans of the attacker


Stefan, a citizen of Poland, who a few days ago in front of hundreds of people killed the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich during the charity concert, probably planning an attempt on Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic. It is reported by news Agency PAP, referring to the words of the sources familiar with the investigation, according replyua.net.

The Agency reports that shortly after his release from prison, he instead gets to see her family, the murderer went to Warsaw and attempted entry into the residence of the President. It should be noted that in prison, he spent 5.5 years for Bank robbery. He also said his family, the desire to “do something big, what everyone will say.” At the same time, his friend he told about his plans to do something that “will resound in the whole world.”

We will remind, on January 13 this year in the city of Gdansk was an attack on Paul Adamovich, the attacker jumped on stage and struck some blows with a knife to the mayor. He was arrested on the spot, and Pavel Adamovich taken to hospital in critical condition where he died the next day.


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