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The media has named the price for which trump wanted to buy Greenland


The administration of U.S. President Donald trump discussed the possibility to propose to the government of Denmark, payments in the amount of $ 600 million annually for the transfer of autonomy to Greenland in perpetuity. Writes replyua.net about it today, reports The Washington Post citing sources.

It is noted that close to the negotiation process for the purchase of the island, the sources did not specify over what time it was planned payments. The amount determined based on annual spending of Copenhagen for the maintenance of autonomy. In 2017, the head of the Ministry of Finance of Denmark Christian Jensen (in office from 2016 to Jun 2019) estimated this expenditure to 4.3 billion kroner per year, which roughly coincides with the announced sources of the newspaper figure.

In order to encourage Denmark to sign the deal, officials in Washington considered the option of additional lump-sum payments to the Treasury of the Scandinavian Kingdom. The amount of this transaction were not disclosed. Recall that in Denmark snapped his Trump trick.


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