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The Japanese launch artificial meteors above the Earth


Company from Japan Astro Live Experiences successfully put into orbit several satellites that will launch artificial meteors. Reports replyua.net already in 2020, test launch of the meteor shower will take place over Hiroshima.

Currently in orbit is 7 satellites. They were started on the night of 18 January. They are now at an altitude of 400 km, each satellite weighs 65 kg. the company said that it will be running some multi-colored light strip. These bands can be seen at a distance of about 200 km. However, the company did not disclose the secret of producing balls, meteors and not saying what it is.

“Compared to nature, our more massive meteors will move more slowly in the atmosphere that will allow you to observe them for a longer time,” the company said. It is reported that the first artificial meteor shower will be launched a year later over Hiroshima. It is run in memory of the victims of the atomic bombing that occurred 75 years ago.


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