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The “day of unity with Russia will be” in Minsk made an important decision


The current government of Belarus has taken a very important step that demonstrated its independence from the aggressor country of Russia. In particular, according to replyua.net with reference to “Nasha Niva”, we are talking about the fact that in Minsk banned a picket in honor of the “Day of unity with Russia,” which is always celebrated on the second of April.

It is reported that this decision to cancel the traditional event was made by the city Executive Committee. The media also said: “the rally was planned near the stele of the hero city Minsk. And the organizers of the event had to act as Council’s representatives levopatrioticheskih forces of the Republic of Belarus “Unity”.

It is also known that members of the “Unity” are the national Bolsheviks. It is also stated that the application for the event was denied hardly the first time for all history of its carrying out in Minsk. We have previously reported that Putin in every way prepared for the invasion of a neighboring country.


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