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The Congress of the United States does from a 5 “deadly” blows “Nord stream-2”


The Congress of the United States of America made public the draft law, which aims to “freeze” the Russian gas pipeline to Europe bypassing Ukraine “Nord stream-2”. In particular, it provides for five types of sanctions which are capable of destroying the controversial Russian project SP-2.

It is noted that on Saturday, the first of June, in the official database of the U.S. Congress issued a new draft law on sanctions against the Russian Federation. The purpose of the document is “Nord stream – 2″ which will make the European Union is volatile. Senators propose to deliver a crushing blow on the Russian gas project on five sides. For taking part in the project of the foreign companies prepared a number of very unpleasant restrictions. In particular, will be denied licenses to export, lending over ten million dollars a year, public debt of the United States of America, the state contracts with agencies of the United States.

In addition, the heads of these companies will not be able to obtain a U.S. visa. The draft law prepared by known opponents of the regime of the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin – senators John Barrasso, Ted Cruz, Gin by Sechinym and Tom Cotton.


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