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Spontaneous visit trump in Iraq: “on the carpet” cause of the U.S. Ambassador and the U.S. Embassy in Iraq was fired


Christmas trip to D. trump, accompanied by his wife caused mixed reactions in the media. As noted by some of the information sources, the US President is now quite a complicated situation and trump simply decided to go away from the problems in Iraq. Why. The thing is, for all time of its presidency, trump has never called for US military bases in other countries. For example, George W. Bush, 4 times was in Iraq. This is the Trump put to blame opponents.

As noted in the government of Iraq, they knew about the visit beforehand trump, however, did not agree on the organization of the official reception of the US President, so the official meeting of heads of States took place, it was a replacement for talking on the phone. However, an unexpected visit trump in Iraq caused an uproar in the local parties of the Iraqi Parliament, and some parliamentarians demanded the Iraqi foreign Ministry to call “on the carpet” of the US Ambassador.

In Iraq, trump spent about 3 hours and then, on the way home briefly “dropped by” on air force base Ramstein in Germany. There he stayed for about a half hour. At the meeting there gathered more than one hundred soldiers. The President then returned home. And after a visit to trump in Iraq, the U.S. Embassy in Iraq fired missiles, says UNN with reference to Shafaaq. Early on Thursday morning near the U.S. Embassy was fired two cruise missiles, in response to the Embassy’s security fired warning shots.


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