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Residents of the United States he saw “evidence” of the existence of Nibiru


Residents of the United States very often declare that they are witnessing an unusual phenomena. As reported replyua.net this time residents of the United States captured “unidentified object”, surrounded by clouds, and they believe that this phenomenon is the action of a mysterious planet X.

Earlier in the network appeared the photo on which you can see a strange object hiding behind a very unusual clouds. However, even the skeptics, not the believers in the existence of the planet Nibiru, very interested in this picture and began to study it carefully. Ufologists also commented on the and noted that, most likely, the photo captures the portal through which aliens visit Earth and return back to your ship. However, skeptics have suggested that the picture only shows the Sun and unusual clouds, but no more.

We will remind that earlier some experts declared that supposedly was able to decipher the message of the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga. They claim that the seer was alleged that, in 2019, humanity will perish because of the devil’s world.


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