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Professor from the USA: Russia is winning the war for the Arctic


USA will lose war on Russia over the Arctic, and Russia wins this, at least the fact that she owns 14 breakers, and America is only two, but they are completely unsuitable for the conquest of the Arctic. As reported Replyua.net with reference to Bloomberg, this opinion was voiced by Hal of Brands, Professor of school of international studies at the University of Hopkins.

He stressed that the United States is seriously lagging behind Russia in terms of the development of the Arctic. Moreover, the Professor claims that in the future the United States will not be able to Fund Arctic programme, and America will be in a very disadvantageous position. The American said that Russia 14 modern icebreakers, able to conquer the Arctic. USA has two icebreakers, but they are already very old and in fact not designed for those conditions which are observed in the Arctic. In addition, Russia has managed to build in the Arctic as much as 6 bases, and currently the Russian authorities are actively investing in this region.

We will remind that earlier the US government said that Russia has no right unilaterally to lay claim to territory in the Arctic. Also in Washington promised to create the program of the Arctic.


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