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Pompeo said trump to improve relations with Russia


The head of the White house Donald trump wants to improve relations with Russia. Reports replyua.net this statement was made today by U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo before the talks with foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “President trump is doing everything in order to fix the relations between our countries”, – he stressed.

“No doubt, each of our countries is to protect their own interests. Not always and not in all of our positions are identical, but there are a huge number of issues where we have common interests, therefore we must do everything in order to build on these areas to improve our bilateral relations for the sake of security”, – said the head of American diplomacy.

Among the most common interests of both countries head the state Department took the fight against terrorism, the reduction of stockpiled weapons, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and settlement of regional conflicts. “This dialogue will continue. I know that our President called on us to ensure that we put effort to stabilize our relations and stabilizing the situation as a whole”, – concluded Pompeo.


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