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Plane crash in Iran. The first details


Today early in the morning in Iran, the plane crashed. Near Tehran Boeing 707 crashed, killing 10 people who were members of the crew, according to the Mehr Agency, reports replyua.net.

The crashed plane was operated by Kyrgyzstan Airlines Kyrgyzstan. The airliner crashed while making landing at the airport Fatah, which is located in the city of Karaj, province of Alborz. It is 40 kilometers West of the capital. Sources who are familiar with an initial report on the disaster, told reporters that the plane left Bishkek and went to the international airport Karaj Payam. However, the pilot apparently made a mistake and tried to land in Fatah airport. In addition, the captain of the air ship has not coped with management, with the result that he found himself in a residential area.

Recall that the Indonesian authorities intend to demand from the Boeing company to explain why 29 Oct crashed their new liner. The accident occurred shortly after takeoff. Then a passenger airliner Indonesian airline Lion Air, carrying out flight from Jakarta to pangkal Pinang.


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