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Of policy grandmother: Hillary Clinton stopped for a watch


Former U.S. Secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently turned 72 years old, but she always watched her appearance, and at public events appearing in the luxurious outfits and perfect makeup. As reported replyua.net recently, the paparazzi caught politics on the streets of new York and at first didn’t recognize Hilary.

Clinton had virtually ceased to follow him. The photographs appeared on the Internet, it is clearly visible that the politician stopped dyeing my hair and no longer makes styling easier. Many users state that they did not even know Clinton and thought it was an ordinary grandmother, heading to the nearest store for groceries. Despite the fact that Hillary prefers in daily life the complete lack of makeup and hairstyles for her age she looks simply amazing.

Users have noticed that the politician has almost no wrinkles, and it’s just incredible in her years. Earlier, Hillary Clinton made a statement that, most likely, will not run for President in the elections of 2020 in the United States.


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