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No joke: trump confirmed that he wants to buy Greenland


At yesterday’s press conference in new Jersey, the head of the White house Donald trump confirmed that he actually showed interest in buying off the Danish island of Greenland, reports replyua.net. “We talked about this. In fact, Greenland belongs to Denmark. We protect Denmark, like much of the world,” said the American President. However, he stressed that the question about purchasing Greenland today is not the most relevant. “The idea was mentioned, and I said, of course, from a strategic point of view it would be interesting. We would be interested”, − said the head of the United States.

However, he compared the purchase of the large transaction on acquisition of real estate and suggested that Denmark suffers huge financial losses due to the fact that the Kingdom of Denmark includes Greenland. Trump also believes that Denmark is losing because of this “almost $ 700 million annually.”

Meanwhile, as you know, in Copenhagen already had a tough response to Trump. They said that the US President “went crazy” and that the days when you could buy the people and the land is behind us.


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