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NASA scientists: for the Second year in a row the temperature on Earth decreases


NASA told about natural anomalies occurring in the last few years. As reported replyua.net the American space Agency NASA and the national Agency for the study of atmosphere and ocean presented a new study on the annual temperature change on the planet.

They said that for the second consecutive year in Earth recorded a decrease of temperature, but in spite of this, 2018 became one of the five hottest on earth over the last 139 years. According to scientists, the hottest year over the past 139 years, was 2016. In 2018, the average temperature on the planet was 0.83° above normal. The highest peak temperatures occurred in 2016 and the limit then was 1 degree. We will remind that earlier scientists said that 2019 might be the hottest for all history of meteorological observations.

Global climate change can influence all regions of the world. Warming will cause many climatic phenomena, including El niño. This phenomenon occurs because of the sharp temperature fluctuations of the upper layers of water in the Pacific ocean near the equator. El Nino can affect the climate of the entire planet.


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