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Media: Zelensky officially invited to visit Washington


The portal ZN.UA published an article titled “black swans”, which says that yesterday, may 31, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky received an official invitation from the head of the United States Donald trump to visit Washington, reports replyua.net. “However, we must remember that trump Ukraine – “trick” on us-Russian negotiating table. There are still “chips” are Syria, China, Venezuela, Iran…”, — said in the article.

It is also known that before the visit of the Ukrainian leader, trump will be meeting with Putin. As part of the conversation will focus on the conflict in the Donbas and the ways of its solution. “Now is the time for real business projects: land, natural gas production, ports, etc.,” writes the media.

As already reported earlier, the special envoy of the us state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker talked with trump about the possibility of meeting with Zelensky or phone calls.


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