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Media: trump wants to start a naval blockade of Venezuela


The American leader Donald trump has proposed to place along the Venezuelan coast ships and begin a naval blockade of this South American country. Writes replyua.net such information was published by the Agency Axios citing sources. According to senior officials about this idea, the White house started talking another year and a half ago, and the last time to the issue he returned a couple of weeks ago.

According to interlocutors of the edition, the Pentagon is the President’s proposal was not taken seriously, they said that all this is not feasible, devoid of legal basis and requires the resources of the Navy, previously aimed at countering China and Iran. As you know, August 5, Donald trump has signed a decree calling for the introduction of full economic embargo against Venezuela.

Recall that in early 2019, the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido declared himself “acting President”. Washington recognized Guide interim President of Venezuela, and have also stepped up sanctions pressure on President Nicolas Maduro.


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