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Media: trump interested in buying Greenland


The head of the White scrap Donald trump many times consulted his assistants with regards to the prospects for the purchase of Greenland – the Autonomous territory of Denmark. Reports replyua.net, said this yesterday, authoritative edition of the Wall Street Journal. In particular, according to two aides of trump, he even urged the White house counsel on conducting legal expertise of the project.

However, the publication reports that some aides expressed support for this move, noting that it may be a good economic step. But there were those who called the idea of trump another interest of the President.

As you know, Greenland is the largest island in the world. The bulk of Greenland’s population of 56 thousand people live on the rugged fjords of the coast, where there is no ice. Foreign policy and security issues are resolved in Copenhagen. It recently started to melt the biggest glacier.


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