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Lukashenka’s propagandists accused Putin of lying


The leader of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the Kremlin’s propagandists, members of the press of the Russian Federation, twisted his words about the unification referendum of the Russian Federation, extending, thus, a false information.

How did you find the reporters replyua.net with reference to BelTA, President of Belarus said that it’s especially the media of Russia began to take his words out of context after the first of March, a briefing was held “the talk”. At the same time, Lukashenka, speaking about how a Pro-Kremlin propaganda, said: “this news is a fake one. Simply tendentious paraphrase. This is an attempt to pull words out of context statements in the first place my words, and then have to interpret them in such a way that someone in Russia wanted this.”

He also gave an example of how to act rossm, describing his discussion of introducing a single currency with Russia. He stressed that the Kremlin propaganda interpreted his statements as an approval of such a step. “But if there is such a proposal, you can accept or reject it. However, we have no one even offered”, – concluded the President of Belarus.


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