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Let there be light: in Venezuela ended the blackout


Venezuelan authorities reported full restoration of power supply in the country. Reports replyua.net with reference to El Pitazo, the completion of the blackout in Venezuela, said the Minister of communication and information Jorge Rodriguez. “March 13, Wednesday in Venezuela have 100% was restored the electricity supply at the national level,” said Rodriguez, speaking at one of the channels.

According to Rodriguez, the power was restored almost completely, except for a few sectors in two municipalities where there was an explosion of electric substations. Recall that the vast majority of Venezuelans lived without electricity for 1 week.

March 7, Wednesday, the country’s capital Caracas and most of the States of Venezuela was plunged into darkness from-for accidents on the country’s largest hydroelectric. At first the authorities announced about sabotage the power plant, but later called the incident energy war against Venezuela and talked about the cyber attack. 11 Mar Venezuelan Parliament declared a state of emergency in the country. The current government of Venezuela accused the United States blackout.


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