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Kremlin panics: US pulled up to the border precision weapons


The United States has begun to increase the presence of strategic non-nuclear precision weapon systems in the marine waters adjacent to Russia. Reports replyua.net about this edition of Krasnaya Zvezda complained to the commander of the naval fleet of the aggressor Admiral Vladimir Korolev. The reason for such actions of the American side is the desire to ensure the freedom of Maritime navigation in the Arctic, which Russia considers “his.”

Specialists of the Center for strategic and budgetary assessments in Washington believe that the carrier strike group the U.S. Navy is not so relevant on the modern battlefield. They do not have sufficient range, durability and specialization to confront Russia or China, which focused on the creation of anti-ship long-range missiles. That is why the US and NATO countries began deploying near the borders of the Russian Federation marine systems missile defense, strategic systems, precision weapons and military infrastructure.

Such a move of the allies is clearly not to the liking of the Russian military, in response they panic and promise to “dramatically increase its presence in the world ocean”.


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