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Kislin: “Poroshenko brought from Ukraine $ 8 billion and pay for it will be the Ukrainians”


Economic adviser to former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani and American billionaire Ukrainian-born Sam Kislin said that over the 5 years of the presidency of the Petro Poroshenko withdrew from the country about 8 billion dollars.

As reported replyua.net with reference to “the Country”, the billionaire said that former guarantor has thrown many investors. “Only Poroshenko for the presidency withdrew from Ukraine not less than $ 8 billion. Only the facts known to me through the state company “Centrenergo” was derived from 700 to 800 million dollars,” Kislin said.

According to him, investors will make their money back, but the amount of return just will not work. The billionaire also noted that the money under the court’s decision will be withdrawn from the Ukrainian budget, that is, the Ukrainians will pay the money, who stole Poroshenko. Kislin accuses the former President of genocide of the Ukrainian people and hopes that Poroshenko will answer for his crimes.


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