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Journalist: on the site of the trump Reagan to the Iranians in the cutlet turned


The Iranians shot down today from “Buka” American reconnaissance drone Global Hawk price of $ 130 million. The US President trump then tweeted that they “made a big mistake” and called for a meeting in the White house military and diplomatic leadership. Reports replyua.net about this in his blog said the journalist-columnist Ivan Yakovina.

He says, after the meeting he suddenly announced that some Iranian General “by mistake” gave the order to shoot down the drone. Like, they didn’t want “it” happened. He almost began to justify Tehran, claiming that nothing unusual had happened. On the question of whether the penalty for the downed drone, he said: “see.”

Ivan Yakovina wrote, the Iranians, meanwhile, said she really even wanted to shoot down a Global Hawk. Moreover, in case you need it again, and with great joy. They literally check on trump’s dare, and he really gives back, does not want to answer, afraid that the next real war will start. But strange to see how the Iranians kicking US, and they do not respond. Trump, of course, a disgrace to his country. Reagan would have been mincemeat made.


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