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“It will be, as the IDF”: the American officer called the victory of Ukraine in the war with Russia


Sooner or later the army of Ukraine in its capabilities will be as strong as the IDF in Israel, and this incentive will be a war with Russia, which completely will not end. Reports replyua.net this statement was made by the captain of the 1st rank of the U.S. Navy, retired, former NATO representative in Russia Harry Tabs in an interview InterVizor.

“The army has to be this because this is your neighbor, he will not be tomorrow your brother. It is already clear, and the majority of Ukrainians are aware of it. You don’t just have a war, you are not just fought or quarreled with his brother. It is a deep hurt, betrayal when one brother gets in the back with a bayonet another brother. It hurt and betrayal really a single-celled level. So even if there is peace, there will be no hot war, you will still have a confrontation,” he said.

We will remind, earlier the Tabs said that NATO membership may give Ukraine a sense of false security that will become the most serious threat to membership in the Alliance. However, he said, from a political and diplomatic point of view, the acquisition of Ukraine’s membership in NATO will give Ukraine a lot more tools to influence the current situation.


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