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Inflation in Venezuela reached nearly 2 million percent


By 2018, the accumulated annual inflation in Venezuela amounted to 1.7 million percent. As reported replyua.net about this on his page in Twitter wrote Rafael Guzman, head of the Finance Committee of the national Assembly of Venezuela. Currently, Venezuela has become the leader among all countries in terms of inflation. It is far ahead of countries such as Sudan and North Korea.

“In 2018 in Venezuela ended with inflation of nearly 1.7 million percent. With this indicator, Venezuela has become one of the three countries with the highest in the history of inflation. This is the result of those who usurped power, but also those who do not offer measures to resolve the crisis in which we live,” wrote guzmán. Recall that for the last several years in Venezuela there is a political and economic crisis. All this is accompanied by a sharp devaluation of the local currency, shortages of food and medicine. Millions of Venezuelans over the last few years have left the country.

According to official statistics United Nations, for a couple of years from Venezuela has left 2.3 million people. In December 2017 the Venezuelan President said that the country will create its own cryptocurrency. Last summer she was tied to the national currency. In the fall of 2018 Venezuela has started to use in international trade of Petro.


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