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Indians scared of a huge leopard


Residents of the Indian city of Jalandhar came into a real fight with a huge wild leopard. As reported replyua.net video leopard appeared on youtube. It is reported that within 6 hours the inhabitants of the city could neither run nor catch a wild animal. It became known that the leopard came to the city from the hills that are nearby. Indian media reported that the incident occurred on January 31.

Hundreds of residents watched as several people tried to throw on the animal network, and people more angry leopard, and he began to lash out at nearby people. As a result of injuries received 4 people. Leopard did not touch, and he’s just over 6 hours walking around the city.

Late in the evening on a place of incident rescuers arrived, and they managed to subdue the animal shot bullets with a tranquilizer. When the leopard was asleep, he was transported to one of the nearby zoos.


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