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In the US there were evidence that the “peace plan” former MP Artemenko was prepared by the GRU


Lawyers Manafort filed a response to the Memorandum of spectacular Robert Mueller’s noncompliance with Manafort conditions of a plea deal in which spectacular caught Manafort in the perjury. As might be expected, Manafort and his lawyers deny perjury and failure to comply with the terms of the transaction. It is noteworthy, however, is not. The documents published today by the court, it follows that Manafort, being the head of the election headquarters trump supplied the Kilimnik, whose spectacular müller associated with the Russian GRU, closed by results of public opinion polls during the election campaign of 2016. Reports replyua.net about it informs the American TV channel CNN.

This information could be significant, since surveys conducted in different States, among different social, religious and ethnic groups could help to guide appropriately pre-election propaganda. Moreover, from the court documents that Manafort several times discussed with Kilimnik so-called “peace plan for Ukraine”. Whenever there is such a discussion, while Manafort headed the election headquarters of the trump or after the election, it is obvious that we are talking about a Kremlin plan, perhaps the same one who at the end of January 2017 passed to the then national security adviser Flynn through his former counsel of the trump Cohen, the former Deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament Artemenko. This “plan” actually was offered the recognition of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in exchange for the withdrawal of its troops from the occupied part of the Donbass and the full lifting of sanctions.

Published court documents are the first documentary evidence of cooperation, coordination between the pre-election headquarters of the trump in the person of its head of Manafort and the representative of the Russian security services during the election campaign of 2016. It is also interesting that, in response to the Memorandum Mueller’s lawyers Manafort declassified all the information about the details of the connections and contacts of Manafort with Kilimnik. In a Memorandum to Muller they were closed. Now a Federal judge in Washington, DC Amy Berman Jackson needs to assign final hearing in court, where prosecutors and defence lawyers will present their arguments contained in their written memoranda. Then the judge will make a decision. 69-year-old Manafort expects a sentence of 17 to 22 years of imprisonment.


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