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In the US, automatic weapons began to sell 21 years


As we learned from the newspaper the hill, Monday, 31.12.2019 in Washington state has officially banned the sale of automatic weapons to persons under 21 years earlier, the ban was valid until 19 years, writes replyua.net. Position on gun control was supported by 59% of voters. In addition, it was adopted other restrictions on the handling of weapons, which will come into force from July 01, 2019.

In accordance with the new requirements, residents of Washington at the time of purchase long guns will have to undergo an instant criminal practice of the FBI. As noted by the press-Secretary of the Alliance of responsibility for the arms of the Cross Allegro, new legislation in Washington against firearms is one of the most comprehensive in the country. “We’ve seen what an assault rifle is the weapon of choice for mass shootings, and when they are used, more people are killed and injured,” said Ellingboe.

In Florida have similar laws against semi-automatic and automatic weapons, after 19-year-old boy shot 17 people in middle school and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, in February last year. Four other States – Hawaii, Illinois, Vermont and new York- have banned the sale of firearms to persons under the age of 21 years. However, human rights advocates and the national rifle Association (NRA) argue that age restrictions violate the constitutional rights of people aged 18 to 20 years, and the sellers of weapons, appealed to the court.


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