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In the United States were born unique twins with a difference in 15 years


Conceived on the same day, three sets of twins were born on the territory of the United States of America with a difference of 15 years, reports the New York Post, reports replyua.net.

The older of the twins are Alex and Kurt Johnson. Today they were already about 15 years. Matthias and James Gardner were born only one year ago, and sisters Elianna and Alice Hefner – 6 months ago. The uniqueness of these people is that they were all conceived in 2002, and the same people. The fact that their biological mother, 53-year-old Mary Johnson had the procedure of in vitro fertilization 16 years ago. Thanks to this procedure, she managed to get a huge number of embryos. Two of them were transplanted immediately after her procedure, and another 12 frozen. This was done to likely possible pregnancies women.

In 2009 Mary suffered from health problems, in consequence of which the doctors warned that giving birth to her more desirable. Then the woman decided on a desperate step and donated their embryos to the national center of embryo donation. However, she imposed a condition which was the fact that the woman will be able to see his children after they are born.


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